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Aftershock Automotive
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 14 reviews
by wolf giza on Aftershock Automotive
This is a professional shop, with professional people

I've been a customer of Aftershock automotive since shortly after they opened. In my 50 years of owning a vehicle and needing repairs,Tracy and company are the best overall auto shop I have ever used. Honest, willing to take on hard jobs, not just the quick buck ones, and their prices are very competitive. Trust is the big thing. I trust them, because they have always returned me a working vehicle and they back their work. This is a professional shop, with professional people, plus they are good, fun people too. My highest recommendation. Chuck Giza

by Star Schweitzer on Aftershock Automotive
Highly recommend

Amazing place to go... highly recommend

by Sammy Joy on Aftershock Automotive

FANTASTIC shop FANTASTIC people I have been going to aftershock since they first opened the doors I will not let anyone else work on my vehicles—won’t even let someone else check the oil !!
They are very honest they won’t tell you something needs fixed UNLESS it does they won’t break stuff just to charge more money so they can keep you coming back YOU want to go back because they do it right the first time. That’s how they stay so busy because their honest hard working kind hearted people and when you find that , YOU tell everyone you know , I know I do, from teenagers with their first vehicle to my wise elderly friends GO to AFTERSHOCK you WILL be HAPPY 😃 I had some insurance/extended warranty stuff and they even took over helping me with that-no problems- car fixed in and out and no headaches!! GOTTA LOVE 💗 AFTERSHOCK go see them you won’t regret it 💋💋

by Drew Simpson on Aftershock Automotive
Great prices

Really good service, great prices.

by Andrew Peter on Aftershock Automotive
Best Services

I had a relatively normal car repair create a secondary (and unrelated) issue with the same vehicle. Initial communication regarding the responsibility of the secondary issue created some confusion, but was followed up with completely professional and beyond what you would expect level of care and personal attention and communication. Bravo, for providing the (positively) unexpected.

by mgwilkens55 Wilkens on Aftershock Automotive
excellent workmanship

Superb service and excellent workmanship. Always solve the problem efficiently in both cost and time. Highly recommend!

by Matt W on Aftershock Automotive
Excellent shop.

Excellent shop. Outstanding service and they get the problem solved guickly. They have done excellent repairs and have been proven very trustworthy.

by Carol C on Aftershock Automotive
very professional

wonderful service and always very professional

by Brent B on Aftershock Automotive
We would definitely recommend them

We have used Aftershock several times and have been very pleased with the results every time. We would definitely recommend them.

by Ann W on Aftershock Automotive
Great service, fair price.

Great service, fair price.

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